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The Oil and Gas industry is global in nature and due to its international character is in need of internationally oriented and competent managers. The elementary economic patterns of the oil and gas industry are thoroughly explored in our specialization track in Oil & Gas.


MCC Oil Gas has the ability to manage the entire cycle from production to distribution to full time. We fundamentally grasp the cultural nature and structure of the oil, gas and energy sectors and can effectively manage the sourcing, distribution and sustainability of the energy supply chain.


Our management services through our worldwide partners go beyond the oil ad gas industry and cover the commodities sector as well. Our management services include the following:


  • Strategic Organization
  • Managing Energy Sources
  • Strategic Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • International Business and Emerging Markets Management
  • Managing in a Multicultural Context
  • Economics for Management
  • HR Re-sourcing
  • Economics of Oil, Gas and Energy
  • Managing Energy Sources
  • Total Quality Management
  • Performance Management
  • We manage strategies, policies, functions, processes, systems and people in the context of international and multicultural markets


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