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Welcome To MCC Oil Gas

mcc Oil Gas – Division of mcc Petroli

MCC Oil Gas and MCC Petroli is an international group based in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Malta specializing primarily in the field of crude oil and natural gas trade, among many others. Our specialty includes gas filling stations, compressors, dispensers, gas transport, crude oil products as well as Aluminum and Bitumen.

Our business partners which exceed 230 companies with 950 offices worldwide, include large refineries and oil producing companies that are spread out all over the globe including Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malta, USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Austria, Cyprus, Holland, Turkey, Germany, Austria, UK, Japan, Malaysia  and India.

In addition to Oil Gas, we cater to the needs of our customers in the fields of sugar, cement, urea, iron ore, used rails, HMS I & II, scrap, as well as Gold, Rice and other commodities. We also deal in currency exchange as well as financial and management consultancy having our platform with Top 25 AAA Banks.