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MCC Oil Gas also trades in petroleum products such as REBCO, SLCO, BLCO, JET FUEL, D2, M100, LIGHT CRUDE OIL, LNG, MEREY16, Aluminum and Bitumen. In addition, MCC Oil Gas caters to the needs of our customers in the fields of sugar, cement, urea, iron ore, used rails, HMS I & II, scrap, gold and rice requirements of our customers. We are also a United Nations registered company to buy & sell military weapons.

There are many similarities between commodity trading and the trading activity involved with stocks. One key difference has to do with the difference between what is traded.
We participate in transactions conducted on a commodity exchange

that deal with commodities all over the world.
We have tight relationships with suppliers and buyers all over the world and our partners have 950 offices in more than 230 countries. We also have a pool of investors who can make any deal happen.


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